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Welcome to The Cecil County SECAC

What is the Special Education Citizens Advisory Committee?

SECAC is a committee established by the Maryland State Board of Education to seek meaningful input from parents, guardians, community partners, service providers, educators, and administrators on local issues relative to the provision of a free appropriate public education (FAPE) and the achievement of students with disabilities.

What do we do?

The Cecil County SECAC partners with the Cecil County Public Schools Special Education Team to collaborate on local issues and facilitate positive changes in the delivery of special education services and the achievement of students with disabilities. Research has demonstrated the importance of educators and families working together to benefit students.


An important indicator of successful schools is parental involvement. Join us at our monthly SECAC meetings for candid discussions around Special Education by parents, administrators, community leaders and organizations, as well as informational presentations and networking.

Join our email list - or go to our CONTACT page on this website.

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